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Written under the name Shirley Mezvinsky.

An emotionally charged novel which dramatizes the message of "the feminine mystique." An unsparing portrait of the crucial twenty-four hours in the life of Lois Marks, a talented, terrified middle-class wife and mother, living - and dying a little, every day - in a small midwestern suburb. The reader is carried right along with Lois Marks to the very edge of life itself.

"A really brilliant study of a personality in disintegration...beautifully written...extremely well done."
-Alan Pryce-Jones, N.Y. Herald Tribune

"A book worth reading...tackles a current problem and results in a piece of genuine, artfully created experience...It is written with the assurance of the artist and with great sensibility...Shirley Mezvinsky weaves a spell, and makes a visit in Limbo a fascinating experience."
-Daniel Stern, Staurday Review

"A powerful and moving story...Because it is so very good, men and women may find themselves following its absorbing record of one woman's journey into self-awareness with a curiosity that their own wives have never aroused."
-Baltimore Sun

"A novel with universal human appeal...for everyone who has ever wondered whether they had taken the right fork in the road when the choice was still open to them, and later doubted the rightness of that decision. The big question in their minds being "IF ONLY..."
-Martha Foley

Hardback: Doubleday and Co.: NY
Softcover: Dell: NY

Great Britain:
Hardback: Widenfeld & Nicolson Ltd.: London
Softcover: The New English Library, Ltd.: London

Currently available from: