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A Piece of My Heart
Infinite Variety Productions
New York, NY

Interview with University of Miami's Mihoko Suzuki & Kathryn Tosney about the significance of Curie’s achievements. Playwright SHIRLEY LAURO discusses her new play, "THE RADIANT."

R.J. Seikaly (Paul); Angelica Torn (Marie Curie), 2011 World Premiere of THE RADIANT, New Theatre, Coral Gables, FL
Photo: Norman Gorback

5 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked: Shirley Lauro
By Leonard Jacobs
Monday, October 5, 2009

American Theatre Wing
Working in the Theatre

... director Clinton Turner Davis ("Two Can Play"), playwright Herb Gardner ("I'm Not Rappaport"), playwright/lyricist Tom Jones ("The Fantasticks"), playwright Shirley Lauro ...

Interview with publisher Samuel French

"As we continue our “Look Back” series, which examines the history and development of the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival, today we profile distinguished playwright Shirley Lauro. Shirley was an early winner of the Festival: two of her short dramas, OPEN ADMISSIONS and NOTHING IMMEDIATE were winners of the 4th OOB Festival in 1979 and were subsequently published in the OFF OFF BROADWAY FESTIVAL PLAYS, 4TH SERIES.

Since her OOB Festival win, Shirley has enjoyed a number of successes and accolades as a playwright including several Drama Desk awards and a Tony Nomination. We recently interviewed Shirley to find out a bit more about her two OOB Festival-winning one acts, as well her more recent Samuel French publications:"