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Pearls of the Harvest Moon

A young New York poet, Ruth, is pulled back to the midwest where, in an Iowa sanitarium, her mother is suffering a mental breakdown. Once there, Ruth comes into conflict with the head psychiatrist over the type of treatment. Alone in her motel room, she battles her own demons as the past comes swirling back. A nurse gives her solace as she comes to terms with her mother's life and her own.

"a great play..."
Deborah Anderson, New York

"...stories of survival are revealed, we learn that the artist must accept their ghosts as muses with joy and love, not guilt and anger. The play moves in an emotional tempo..."


CHERRY LANE THEATRE, New York, staged reading with Carol Kane

For information contact:
Patricia McLaughlin
Beacon Artists Agency
1501 Broadway, Suite 1200
New York NY 10036

Staged Reading with Carol Kane